What a time it is. People everywhere are angry, suspicious, distrustful… often with good reason. And yet, might it be possible to emerge from the current fiery moment stronger than before? Wiser? Happier? 
With the careful combination of visionary ideas, strategic planning, hard work and lucky timing, we think so. At this very special TEDxVitosha event, we’ll celebrate the clear-eyed and the bold of heart, those who don’t shy from the most intractable-seeming problems but rather step toward them to make the case, that, even now hope is possible.
We’ll host the conversations that matter, focusing on building a brighter future for everyone.

To Be, or Not to Be. That is the question. We ask you, you answer.

Bold ideas and new perspectives throughout the whole year 


A chance to witness an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls and their impact in: 


  • technology & design

  • arts & entertainment

  • business & leadership

  • health & science

  • environment & sustainability

  • personal growth & lifestyle

Bold ideas are more important than ever. In the next 12 months you are going to witness our brand new format TEDxVitoshaStudio. Tasty food for thought in the shape of video TEDx talks.


We are the happy ones. We discovered X.

We aim high and we fly higher. We are fearless. This year we are answering the most important question:

To Be or Not to Be?

A note about health and safety:


We are optimists. We do believe in our ability to host our next memorable TEDxVitosha event in June. Live. However we’re also going to take all the safety measures:


  • With enough physical distance between every seat. 

  • With guidance from experts and following local safety protocols, we’re going to provide protective equipment and frequent disinfecting of the common areas on the day of the event.

  • If we decide that it’s not safe to hold the event and we cancel it, guests will receive a full refund.

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